Never, Ever Allow Yourself to be Defaulted in Divorce Litigation

Michigan attorneys, Scott Bassett and John Ceci, have posted the second installment of their podcast, explaining the litigation process using a "typical" divorce case as an example.  The link to the latest episode is:

Especially if the Defendant is not represented by an attorney, yes, it definitely is possible to have a Default Judgment entered against you -- and, unless it can be set aside, it is theoretically possible for the Plaintiff to be granted all of the relief he or she requested.  

Default is one of the many risks of the litigation process.  With Streamline Divorce, mediation and other pre-filing settlement options, many of these risks are eliminated or greatly minimized. When it comes to determining what direction your -- and your family's -- future will take, to whom do you want to give the power to decide?  It is my philosophy that, whenever possible, the parties should make decision about their futures for themselves.  Pre-filing settlements help parties avoid the rollercoaster of the divorce litigation process ... lowering costs and stress levels while leaving you in charge of your major life decisions.