If only 2% of Divorce Cases Go to Trial, What Happens to the Other 98%?

If (as some statistics reveal) only approximately 2% of divorce case filings result in an actual trial, what happens to the other 98%?  That issue is discussed by attorneys Scott Bassett and John Ceci in Episode 15 of the Guys with Mikes podcast.  Here's the link: http://guyswithmics.libsyn.com/15-did-we-win

With pre-filing settlement options (such as Streamline Divorce, mediation and Collaborative Practice), you can come even closer to a 100% chance of avoiding the stress and expense of starting down the road to trial.  Even better, with a pre-filing divorce settlement, you remain in control of the outcome and develop a plan for your future that both parties say "yes" to.   While you will need to "go to court" to finalize the judgment, you avoid the roller-coaster of placing important decisions in someone elses' hand and you also avoid most of the litigation-related expenses. 

It is a good thing when parties are amicable.  However, pre-filing settlement are possible even when significant issues remain in dispute.  When both parties can agree at the outset on only one thing -- that traditional litigation is not for them -- then they can begin to work toward a pre-filing resolution.