Divorce Litigation ... and the Alternatives

Michigan Attorneys Scott Bassett and John Ceci's podcast, Guys with Mics, is featuring a multi-episode segment on the divorce litigation process.  Here is a link to the first installment of this series: 


After the Guys complete this series, I have been invited to discuss Streamline Divorce and alternatives to traditional divorce litigation.  After learning why litigation can be so expensive, time-consuming and "high stakes," the reasons why it is so important to keep your own life decisions out of court become even more clear.  Not only is going to court expensive, but often there are far better ways than a lawsuit to help solve the problems associated with divorce -- such as dividing assets and raising children in two households.  

Learn all you can about traditional divorce litigation and then make sure to learn about mediation, collaborative law, Streamline Divorce and other pre-filing settlement options too.  The choice is yours and affects not only the divorce process, but the type of future you envision.