LIPA Fall Seminar on Better Ways Forward in Divorce & Family Law

I am a strong supporter of progressive approaches in family law.  I seek to assist my clients in producing the best, most personalized outcomes for their needs and circumstances.  In a divorce or family law situation, who knows better about what is best for your own unique circumstances, your finances and the needs of your children than YOU?   I find that many clients want professional, informed advice and experience -- but are not interested in expensive, attorney-driven court-based processes which may inflame the animosity that they --- wisely -- are attempting to avoid.

Divorcing individuals and their families do best when they engage in good planning and carefully select the best process for resolving their concerns and issues at the outset --before any case is filed.  

One excellent resource is the free, semi-annual seminar offered in Livingston County by the community group, LIPA.  The next seminar will be conducted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM at the Brighton District Library.  LIPA's website is:  A link to helpful excerpts from a prior seminar is below.