New Family Law Court Rules that Help You Save Money!

Have you heard??  There are new court rules in Michigan that simplify the process in Family Law cases for parties who have reached an agreement prior to filing a case.  


This is positive news for people who are able to agree and want to save time and  money on the court process.  When parties have settled their issues and all final documents are drafted and signed, a Petition to Enter a Consent Judgment can be filed to start the case jointly-- instead of a traditional Complaint for Divorce.  There is no Plaintiff or Defendant, instead there is Party A and Party B and a single Court date is scheduled which both parties attend together to enter the final paperwork.  See MCR 3.223 for more information.

This process works well for parties who are able to reach an agreement on their  own or with the help of legal counsel. However if parties encounter obstacles trying to reach an agreement, mediation is always an option to help them work together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  

Submitted by: Jamie L. O'Brien, Attorney & Mediator